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In retrospect, I should have titled it, My Father Came From Supino.

In retrospect, I should have titled it, My Father Came From Supino.

After 64 years, Mezzabotte Coletta, a retired truck driver for a Toronto macaroni factory, is returning to his native Italia. In a village called Supino said to take its name from the crossroads where Christ rested, supine, en route from Rome to Naples, is a rundown villa bought sight unseen by Mezzabotte’s daughter Maria-an olive branch after years of family struggle. While she and her husband Bob breathe in the chatter of local tradesmen, the fragrant offerings of well-wishing neighbours and the aroma of fine wine, her father awaits in Canada anticipating the day he will again touch Italian soil. Hoping to avoid the wounds of his difficult marriage and the onset of senility, father and daughter retrace footsteps that yield from the Saint of Special Favours a miraculous recovery.

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A collection from Italian Canadian authors.
A collection from Italian Canadian authors.

Growing up a second-generation Italian woman in Canada is not as easy as it looks. In fact, it requires the keeping of secrets, the telling of lies, the casting of curses, and the patience of a saint. Here 20 Italian-Canadian women share their stories — some comic, some tragic, some nostalgic, all true — about living a double life with a private/public split personality. Intimate, inspiring, brave, and confessional, these tales reveal women old enough to reminisce yet young enough to revolutionize. Balancing between the Old Country and the new, a respect for tradition and the need to break with it, this collection is a rare and surprising blend of humour and candor that promises the perfect conversation-starter. Mamma mia, what will they dare say next?


http://www.ecwpress.com/book/mamma-mia-good-italian-girls-talk-back   to buy

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